RAFFI: Representation and Access for Fair Immigration


RAFFI addresses the needs of two very different groups of people in the United States: immigrants who are detained without being provided legal counsel, and qualified lawyers who are weighed down with crippling debt and struggling in an unbalanced job market. It also provides a benefit to society by saving taxpayer money, keeping families together, and maintaining stability for immigrant employees and employers.


There are 34,000 immigrants put into detention every day - 400,000 a year. These immigrants in the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detention system fall into a legal quagmire - since they are not in criminal custody, their civil violation does not afford them a court-appointed attorney. 74% of immigrants in detention do not have lawyers. The average stay is 8 months, but some have been detained for 5 years or more. Keep in mind this includes people are legally entitled to stay in the United States. We spend more on immigration enforcement, including detention, than on all other federal criminal law enforcement combined. One more financial issue to note though - law student loan debt in the US is currently 3.2 billion.



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Adrienne enables individuals and teams to be at their best. She has a deep understanding of product and service development, from user needs research to market validation and prototyping. Strategy and innovation are common threads through her 20 years of advising private and public sector clients in the areas of R&D, economic development, and recreation and tourism. Adrienne believes innovation is the work of teams rather than of the lone genius, so her focus is often on relationships and knowledge sharing. For better or worse, Adrienne often runs toward the problems others run screaming from. Once the screaming dies down, Adrienne calmly wades into chaos, sifts through it, and charts a course to achieve a shared vision.



Kelsey is an Innovation and Design Strategist. She uses human based research, design thinking and business strategy to solve problems creatively. She passionate about understanding the the invisible forces that drive people and the context that informs them. This allows her to design products and services that deliver the experiences people desire. Kelsey’s specialties are brand strategy, market research, product development, customer acquisition and data visualization. She has a multidisciplinary background comprised of design and international political economics. Her personal and professional goal is to integrate these two fields to design collaborative offerings for a global market.



Carley is professionally curious and is diversely capable. She is driven by creation and the enablement of both herself and her communities. For the past 5 years, Carley has helped grow Autodesk's maker community Instructables.com from 6 million to 32 million unique viewers per month. With over 115 do-it-yourself tutorials, Carley has gained over 9 million page-views and recognition from major publications such The Huffington Post, GQ Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and more. She has used her experience in project management, online community building, content creation, and customer development to build new strategies for managing online contests and leading marketing initiatives for community growth. Carley's energy is infectious and it can be seen in every aspect of her many creations.



Andy has a diverse background but a focused plan. He is driven by technical curiosity and creative design and is at his best when he is given space to synthesize diverse and complicated information into relevant and novel insights. Andy brings an insightful and analytical approach to the consulting team through his adept problem solving. As a engineer at Sennheiser leading the way for audio innovation, Andy fuses his expertise in technology and user-centered design with his keen eye for entrepreneurship and design strategy. His goal is to explore like a scientist, solve problems like an engineer, and make decisions like a business person.






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