Mosey: Business and Service Design


Mosey provides a consumer-facing website and app that lets users search for and/or design itineraries for visitors to a city. A new business-to-business (B2B) offering from Mosey, and the focus of this project, introduces potential new relocation hires to a city with a customized 4-hour tour. A dynamic and memorable tour can help companies recruit and retain the best and brightest by helping talent envision their life and community in a new city.


The focus of our work was to deconstruct the offering and articulate the value proposition for a service that Mosey happened into. Their current customer, Old Navy, expressed a need for the service and Mosey seized the opportunity. Our shared objective has been to retroactively characterize product-market fit such that Mosey can retain Old Navy and add three new customers to its roster in calendar year 2015.


Over the course of four months, the consulting team conducted secondary research on the relocation services industry and primary research with corporate recruiters, mobility services professionals, and relocating and recently relocated talent. We designed and tested prototypes for both customer-facing and talent-facing service innovations. At the end of our research we delivered three new business model recommendations for Mosey to implement



Design Strategy, User Research, Customer Development, Business Model Innovation, Prototyping, Service Design




4 months


Our team conducted a series of interviews to better understand the market Mosey is operating in. Ultimately we interviewed ten representatives of potential corporate customers and Mosey’s current customer, Old Navy. Concurrently, we interviewed nine people in the talent segment by reaching out to people in our network who’d recently relocated or were considering relocating. Lastly, we rode along on two 4-hour tours with a potential Old Navy hires.


Next, we created two prototypes to test on both talent and customers.


To help Mosey scale internal operations, we created a pre-tour intake interview and Mosey tested the interview on an Old Navy relocation candidate.





Mosey also gave us the green light to prototype a sales pitch to three companies that could potentially be real customers.



After gathering insights, synthesizing our research, and testing our prototypes our team put this video together which captures Mosey’s Product Market Fit.




Adrienne enables individuals and teams to be at their best. She has a deep understanding of product and service development, from user needs research to market validation and prototyping. Strategy and innovation are common threads through her 20 years of advising private and public sector clients in the areas of R&D, economic development, and recreation and tourism. Adrienne believes innovation is the work of teams rather than of the lone genius, so her focus is often on relationships and knowledge sharing. For better or worse, Adrienne often runs toward the problems others run screaming from. Once the screaming dies down, Adrienne calmly wades into chaos, sifts through it, and charts a course to achieve a shared vision.



Prior to the DMBA, Sam studied Visual Arts and Photography. She is an empathic problem solver that thrives in a creative environment. Sam comes from a tiny, faraway island in the Pacific so she brings a unique global perspective to the consulting team. She has a passion for learning and soaks up new ideas and knowledge like a sponge. Sam hopes to integrate her new business and design strategy knowledge from the DMBA with her artistic background, to catalyze innovation. Because she has such a rare combination of intuition, curiosity, and creativity, we call her Samicorn.




Carley is professionally curious and is diversely capable. She is driven by creation and the enablement of both herself and her communities. For the past 5 years, Carley has helped grow Autodesk's maker community from 6 million to 32 million unique viewers per month. With over 115 do-it-yourself tutorials, Carley has gained over 9 million page-views and recognition from major publications such The Huffington Post, GQ Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and more. She has used her experience in project management, online community building, content creation, and customer development to build new strategies for managing online contests and leading marketing initiatives for community growth. Carley's energy is infectious and it can be seen in every aspect of her many creations.



Andy has a diverse background but a focused plan. He is driven by technical curiosity and creative design and is at his best when he is given space to synthesize diverse and complicated information into relevant and novel insights. Andy brings an insightful and analytical approach to the consulting team through his adept problem solving. As a engineer at Sennheiser leading the way for audio innovation, Andy fuses his expertise in technology and user-centered design with his keen eye for entrepreneurship and design strategy. His goal is to explore like a scientist, solve problems like an engineer, and make decisions like a business person.


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